Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Card 2012 Iris Folding: No pattern, No Twist!

 I love the look of Iris Folding but don't always want to follow a pattern.  A while ago I came across this technique that looks like Iris Folding but it has no pattern and no twist.  I decided to try it with a heart shape that I cut out with a Spellbinders plain and then a scalloped heart.  I folded 1" X 3" strips of used Christmas gift wrap paper in half. I started at the bottom of the heart and taped the strips to the back of the heart, straight across and worked my way up to the top.  The folded edge of each strip was always toward the top of the card.  As in regular Iris Folding, the back looks messy and is a little bulky, but it looks nice when you turn it over and see your finished project.

It is best to use thin paper for the folded strips rather than card stock. I plan on using this technique to make four leaf clover St. Pat's Day cards using my Sizzix clover die cut and green designer paper for the strips. For Easter cards I want to use my Sizzix Easter egg die, to cut out a few Easter eggs and then use a variety of designer paper scraps in pastels to fill in.  This is a great way to use scraps!  Hope you give it a try.  Thanks for stopping by. More to come.

Bella Valentine 2012

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